Backup as a Service - Your reliable backup solution in the cloud

Safeguarding data with BaaS amid rising ransomware threats

A massive influx of ransomware attacks makes protecting the organisation’s data a top priority. This problem is more significant than ever, and the need to care about corporate data in various cloud applications is constantly increasing. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, our BaaS offering is designed to meet your data backup needs efficiently and reliably.

Discover the numerous positives of implementing BaaS into your business strategy

With BaaS, you can confidently focus on growing your business, knowing your critical information is secure and readily accessible.

Main advantages:

  • R Extremely strong data protection
  • R Improved disaster recovery readiness
  • R Significant cost savings compared to traditional backup methods

The Rich Functionality of Our BaaS Offering

Backup as a service provides your organisation with reliable copies of data for recovery in the event of an eventual accident or security breach. We use specialised backup software that keeps multiple old versions of the backups. Daticum provides access control, updates and protection against cyber threats to your company and business operations, guaranteed by our BaaS.

Unlock the potential to secure your data seamlessly

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional backup methods and embrace a more streamlined approach to data protection with our BaaS solution.