Dedicated Servers Designed for Your Demands

Hardware Resources for High Performance

Daticum offers hardware server and equipment rental. This service creates appropriate conditions for the customer’s IT infrastructure deployment and relieves companies of the need to make initial investments. The service is ideal for organizations seeking short-term solutions or with limited hardware budgets.

Pay only for what you use

When you trust Daticum, you use and pay for only the necessary equipment without the risk of obsolescence and wear and tear. We work with the leading hardware manufacturers to provide our customers with the best possible quality and computing power. We can meet the needs of your IT architecture, whether small or large, centralized or distributed.

Dedicated servers for high-performance and configuration control

  • R Increase performance
  • R Reduce time to market
  • R Eliminate initial investments and ongoing maintenance costs
  • R Achieve a high level of reliability and availability
Get a free consultation about the optimal server configuration

Not sure what type of dedicated services you need?Think about your current needs and near-future plans.

  • R Entry-level dedicated servers

    Suitable for high-traffic websites, multiple website hosting, and reselling, offering ample resources for managing multiple websites and small applications simultaneously.

  • R SMB-level dedicated servers

    Tailored for databases, small SaaS projects, and large-scale reselling, capable of handling multiple applications and numerous websites effectively.

  • R Enterprise-level dedicated servers

    Ideal for hosting complex multi-user applications, large databases, extensive SaaS projects, or virtualized environments, with additional applications in gaming servers and websites requiring rotating data.