Ensure Resilience with Disaster Recovery

Guaranteeing business continuity with disaster recovery plan

Every organization should have an IT disaster recovery plan. It is a vital document that ensures the continued success and sustainability of the company’s operations. Daticum’s experts will advise you on the creation of an IT Disaster Recovery Plan. We will ensure that your organization’s critical systems and data are secure and that key technology systems and data are quickly and efficiently restored during an unexpected outage.

Safeguarding critical Infrastructure protection, vital systems and data

Technological infrastructure may include servers – on-site or virtual machines, communication and security devices (routers and firewalls), networks, databases and any electronic records or documents that are critical to the operation of the activity. Protecting these systems and data is defined by their importance to the organisation – without them, the company may not be able to run its business, resulting in lost revenue, reputational risk, and in some cases, legal liability.

By trusting Daticum’s services, your data and cloud environment are protected with the most robust ISO 27001, 27017 & 27018 certifications

Key services for comprehensive disaster recovery solutions

We offer Disaster Recovery as a service (DRaaS), consulting companies on the right approach and choosing an optimised set of services such as:

  • R Malware/Ransomware protection
  • R Automatic and universal recovery
  • R Full backup
  • R Block-Size Deduplication
  • R Centralised web management console
  • R Three levels of security – proactive, active and reactive

Minimizing Impact and Maximizing Recovery

Ensure your business will overcome unforeseen outages with a disaster recovery plan that minimises downtime and maximises data recovery efforts.