Navigating NIS2: A 10-Step Checklist for Businesses

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, the NIS2 Directive stands as a beacon of resilience, setting forth stringent standards to safeguard the digital infrastructure of the European Union. The Directive affects all critical industries and obliges organisations operating or providing services to comply with the requirements and prescribed measures. It is, therefore, essential that there is not only an understanding but also a correct application of the basic steps to achieve compliance.

What are the actionable strategies that will help companies achieve compliance with the NIS2 directive?

Step 1: Scope Assessment

Ensure that the organisation or type of business activity falls within the scope of NIS2 and identify the affected units. This foundational step is crucial for tailoring your compliance strategy.

Step 2: Risk Management

Implement robust security measures. Adopt incident management plans, enhance network security, and fortify supply chain security. Create company digital security policies to protect against cyber threats. Implement regular security protocol audits and on-site inspections. 

Step 3: Corporate Accountability

Strengthen management oversight, ensuring corporate management is well-versed and actively involved in cybersecurity measures. This includes mandatory training and potential liability for breaches.

Step 4: Reporting Obligations

Streamline incident reporting and develop processes for timely reporting of significant security incidents. NIS2 recommends timeframes for reporting these incidents, such as the 24-hour ‘early warning’ protocol.

Step 5: Business Continuity

Plan for major cyber incidents. Companies covered by the Directive are required to prepare a business continuity plan. This way, the organization has a strategy in place to manage and adequately respond when a major cyber incident occurs. This comprehensive plan covers system recovery, emergency procedures, and crisis response teams.

Step 6: Basic Security Measures

Adopt Minimum security protocols and implement baseline measures to combat likely cyber threats. This encompasses risk assessments, security policies, and regular evaluations of security measures.

Step 7: Supply Chain Security

One of the directive’s most significant requirements is to secure the cyber security of the supply chain. To ensure all partners comply with NIS2, you must assess and integrate new security measures and incident reporting obligations within the supply chain. Early engagement is key to mitigating delays.

Step 8: Cybersecurity Training

Raise awareness and information hygiene. Regular cyber security training should be conducted, and basic computer hygiene practices should be implemented among employees. This is a fundamental requirement for any company – critical to maintaining a secure environment for company data and operations.

Step 9: Data Access Policies

Regulate sensitive data access. Implement stringent security procedures for employees accessing sensitive or important data, including multi-factor authentication and continuous authentication solutions.

Step 10: Asset Management

Maintain an asset overview. Ensure all relevant assets are properly utilised and managed. Keep backups up-to-date and have a plan for IT system access during and after security incidents. Use robust security solutions that can help automate compliance and improve cybersecurity measures.

In conclusion

Regulatory compliance is an obligation and a strategic investment in your business’s sustainability in the digital age. Achieving NIS2 compliance is a complex process that requires a proactive stance from businesses. By following these 10 key steps, companies can navigate the directive’s complexities, strengthen their cyber defences, and contribute to a more secure digital Europe.

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