Building a Disaster Recovery solution in Daticum’s cloud infrastructure

Disaster Recovery


Every business strives for growth, and the key to evolving a winning strategy is choosing the right technology and implementing continuous improvements to modernize and maintain 24/7 operations. When companies develop their technology stack and IT infrastructure, they gain a competitive advantage, resulting in improved processes and access to resources that ensure speed, continuity, scalability, and high performance.

Proper preparation and planning help to prevent poor performance

However, in our daily activities, problems arise unexpectedly, at the most inappropriate time for the work process, and may disrupt critical deadlines. Let’s name IT systems as an example, where maintenance and disaster recovery plans are a must. Planning and anticipating possible incidents helps to minimize the consequences subsequently. Disaster recovery (DR) is an activity that every business should expect and be prepared to execute according to the strict recovery procedure created beforehand. Hence, the disaster recovery plan is crucial to ensure business continuity for all organizations.

What is common between a gaming provider and a Disaster Recovery provider?

Our client has over twenty years of successful business history. The company has created many electronic games and is well-established among the leading gaming vendors globally. It is proud to have a proven track record of being an excellent supplier that provides performance, reliability, and innovation to its partners, distributors, and gaming operators.

The company has carried out many installations in over 50 countries and developed an impressive network of offices and distributors on five continents. Its team consists of over 900 professionals. As a result, its entertainment solutions deliver a unique gaming experience with each new product. This enables its clients to diversify and increase their business opportunities because the gaming solutions guarantee excellent productivity and high results from local gaming operators and casinos.

A business of this scale cannot afford even a minute’s delay or work stoppage of operations. The company always provides timely and adequate service to its customers from all over the world. Therefore, the dependence on innovative technologies ensuring continuity of mission-critical workloads, data access and processing, and various applications prompted them to build a partnership with a proven cloud provider, such as Daticum, a company with an impeccable professional reputation.

The Challenges

Our client had built their private cloud infrastructure located in their offices. However, the company management has realized the need to collaborate with a reliable cloud provider to secure a quality Disaster Recovery service. Well-positioned as a globally recognized gaming provider, the company always strives to be one step ahead of events. So, the team has a vision and complete understanding of what needs to be done to prevent accidents in the IT infrastructure and temporary suspension of access to their core services.

Despite having its private cloud built on-premise, it was necessary to consider business collaboration at a scale with an external cloud provider. The expected final result was to integrate the existing solutions and infrastructure into Daticum’s capabilities. Our team has fully integrated the existing solutions and resources used so far into the corporate cloud of Daticum to achieve a quality service for Disaster Recovery.

The results

Dedicated hardware resources and the capacity to serve the company’s operations and needs have been allocated. The integration team has routed the internal networks using VPN to connect the client’s private cloud with Datum’s. Together, both technical teams have set the desired Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

The solution was built without technological compromise, with guaranteed support from Daticum’s technical team. Planning for future eventualities helped when a real problem occurred in the customer’s infrastructure. We performed a complete Disaster Recovery in less than 8 hours, allowing the company to keep its work processes as usual, but now served by Daticum’s cloud platform. This migration made it possible to perform a comprehensive analysis and remove the defective devices from the customer side. This disaster recovery solution saved the customer lots of money and lost profits from non-working critical infrastructure. The disaster recovery solutions ensured service continuity for the gaming company and prevented their partners’ business from accounting for some slowdowns or gaming operators’ dissatisfaction.

Georgi Tsekov, СЕО of Daticum AD