Daticum Builds the IT Infrastructure of the Most Innovative Hospital in the Balkans


One of the most modern hospitals in the Balkans is Unihospital AD, located in the city of Panagyurishte. This high-tech healthcare complex includes an oncology centre and multi-specialty hospital. It is the most large-scale project in the Bulgarian healthcare sector carried out in the last 30 years. The principal project investor is the company “Asarel Panagyurishte Zdrave” Ltd.

The hospital is a state-of-the-art healthcare complex that allows patients, both Bulgarian and foreign citizens, to receive diagnostic, quality medical services and world-class inpatient care for the first time in Bulgaria. The medical protocols cover the entire path of modern diagnostics, treatment (surgical and therapeutic), dispensary, and outpatient care. The hospital complex includes 340 beds and 660 medical and non-medical staff.

The Project Scope

Daticum JSC is the company that received the trust of the contracting authorities to build the hospital’s entire IT infrastructure. This includes evaluating, procuring, assembling, and system integration of a large number of IT solutions, such as building a new data centre with private cloud infrastructure, backbone network connectivity in the hospital, desktop virtualization for workplaces, wireless network, communication system, and medical call system, end-user devices to facilitate the work of medical staff, and video surveillance and access control systems.

Project Implementation and Delivery

The project assignment required the hospital’s technological infrastructure to serve and coordinate the activities of over 600 specialists and support staff. Each of them had convenient and easy access to various processes and data. In terms of medical care, the hospital has offered the most modern software systems for diagnosis and management of the treatment process, so the medical and non-medical staff would benefit from all technology infrastructure.

The investment in the hospital complex allows, for the first time in Bulgaria, to use simultaneously imaging diagnostic methods (Positron Emission Tomography /PET-CT/, magnetic resonance, CT, robotic angiography, ultrasound methods, and others) with operative interventions, along with the contemporary invasive procedures, assisted by the telemedicine and ensuring seamless connection with leading centres in Bulgaria and worldwide, from all medical specialities.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge in the project is integrating eleven complex IT systems, which are the foundation of the entire patient treatment and care structure. At the same time, communication systems enable medical staff not only to have timely access to medical information related to their patients but also to train young professionals in the most advanced practices through partnerships with leading medical centres in the world”, said Georgi Tsekov, CEO of Daticum JSC.

The Results

Patients from the country and abroad are offered state-of-the-art high-tech solutions, providing practical innovations in health care. Doctors perform a quick, precise, and accurate diagnosis of patients. Thanks to the new systems, all data on the patient’s health condition, the results of nuclear magnetic resonance, scanners, and other hospital equipment are stored in one data centre. This speeds up a successful diagnosis and guarantees the appropriate treatment. Modern technologies enable medical specialists to receive the results of imaging diagnostics and blood checks prepared by medical-diagnostic laboratories in real time. They can arrange and make important teleconsultations and remote medical diagnostics with other specialists from the country and abroad.