From Shelves to Clouds: BulMag Leverages the Power of Technology

Revolutionizing Retail: BulMag leaps to the cloud for growth, seamless operations and enhanced customer experience


BulMag is a successful FMCG company that has been operating for 27 years. It has an established chain of supermarkets in northern Bulgaria, offering a wide range of quality products from Bulgarian and international suppliers. The retailer maintains a permanent stock of over 26,000 items from 2,260 brands. The company’s main goal is customer satisfaction, providing competent service with attention and care at every stage of the shopping experience. The retailer also offers online shopping and delivery, with over 200 daily deliveries to over 30 locations in Varna, Shumen and Targovishte districts.

Customers can browse the entire product spectrum and make online purchases, with the added convenience of having their selected items delivered to their homes or offices. BulMag believes that providing a more convenient shopping experience, saving families time, and delivering quality products and excellent service are critical advantages for a successful presence in the highly competitive FMCG market.


The company has experienced significant business growth, marked by a substantial rise in its daily operations and the addition of online shopping channels. This growth required a new IT infrastructure with expanded capabilities and a complete software upgrade. There was a need for more powerful servers to handle the ever-increasing workload and real-time demands that were difficult to meet with the existing equipment and infrastructure.

The new infrastructure and software would need to support all business processes, including physical supermarkets and online stores, as well as handle real-time orders from merchants and sales agents submitted from the point of sale (orders via mobile pocket devices).


To choose a provider for a comprehensive solution, the BulMag team conducted a thorough search and evaluated two alternatives: a complete shift to the cloud or self-hosting within a colocation facility. Due to its evident benefits, the team favoured the cloud solution during discussions with potential vendors. These advantages comprised centralized and easily accessible resource management, flexibility and scalability, effective handling of operating and capital costs, and reliable and timely 24/7 support.

The BulMag team initially sought a suitable colocation data centre but found none aligned with their requirements. Subsequently, they engaged with various cloud service providers, including Daticum. The team was notably impressed by the Daticum platform and functionality, which provides flexible services, capabilities, seamless server management, and IT infrastructure.

Convinced of the numerous benefits of transitioning to a cloud solution, the team values the advantages of the Daticum platform. The offering facilitates easy, rapid, centralized, and flexible management of computing resources, eliminating the need for formal requests, emails, and prolonged response times, thereby saving valuable staff time.

The flexibility inherent in resource management through the Daticum cloud platform emerged as the winning approach, differentiating it from competitors. The continuous service level agreement (SLA) support was the second pivotal factor in vendor selection.

Project scope

The project’s initial phase involves transferring the servers to an IT infrastructure provided by Daticum. Given the highly competitive nature of the FMCG industry, BulMag requires high-performance servers to manage business operations without interruption while handling tens of thousands of transactions in real-time. It was crucial to have a reliable IT infrastructure to support the company’s multiple online stores.


The migration to the cloud, seamlessly implemented by Daticum’s team, helped BulMag achieve scalability, flexibility, additional cybersecurity protection, and a higher level of support to ensure service continuity. Although BulMag had a clear idea of the technical parameters of their infrastructure, they opted to align actions with their current needs and incrementally increase the parameters. This approach leveraged one of the primary benefits of the Daticum platform – the scalability of resources.


Working in the cloud ensured the seamless management of all BulMag’s business processes, replications to the stores, the work of all users in the back offices, and replications of all store items and promotions. Currently, all 18 stores and the online store with tens of thousands of items are hosted in Daticum’s data centre.

Daticum provided a flexible, scalable and robust cloud solution. Through the platform, we gained the ability for web-based provisioning of required resources. The data centre ensures process continuity and stable system operation. Even after closing physical stores, our business continues to thrive, as our online stores are operational 24/7. The ongoing support from Daticum’s highly skilled team is excellent. Whenever we reach out to them, they respond quickly, make decisions immediately, and take necessary actions to rectify any problems that arise.

Borislav Tranchev, CEO and founder of BulMag

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