Is it time for cloud services to redefine the entertainment and gaming industry?


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to stay home and turn to digital entertainment. The global digital media market is constantly growing, with games providing the largest revenue share. The industry is expected to reach $321 billion by 2026, according to PwC’s Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2022-2026 report. The statistic shows that by 2022, there will be over 1 billion online gamers worldwide, with China, South Korea, and Japan being the countries with the largest online gaming share among the population.

For software developers and all related service providers in this industry, a long-term commitment to reliable cloud service and infrastructure providers is imperative. Global growth and business operations require guaranteed quality, service continuity, and flexible capabilities to scale resources rapidly.

How do you entertain 24/7 and ensure the perfect customer experience?

Our client is an online software vendor specializing in developing and providing games for online casinos. To continue its successful development, the company creates products that meet the needs of different customer segments. The company’s diverse product catalog includes hundreds of successful HTML5 games available on every platform via mobile, desktop, or tablet. In addition, our clients have been offered attractive Jackpot concepts and a white-label platform.

The company’s games are certified for 17 markets and over 800 casinos globally, and the product portfolio is regularly updated with new slot titles, creating content that appeals to different players. The games have different mechanics and excellent mathematical models offered in categories such as Adventure, Classic, Egyptian, Asian, Mythology, and more. The company provides the most exciting titles and innovative solutions that entertain and engage players with new experiences.

The Challenge

The constantly rising interest in online gaming and sports betting required building an absolutely reliable, high-performance, scalable infrastructure for each online gaming operator. In addition, the company also operates one of the leading platforms for online sports betting in Bulgaria. As the industry is among the most demanding, it requires 100% guaranteed continuity of operations.

The project scope included carrying out a seamless server migration from the client’s currently used IT infrastructure to the Daticum cloud platform without interrupting services. The client’s business model excluded any downtime during the migration because the lost benefits during the process would have been at a massive scale.

The Solution

We created a project team with representatives from both sides who had to work with the previous IS vendor. For the purpose of the migration, Daticum’s and the customer’s network engineers created a plan to relocate and migrate the services to Daticum with 100% uptime.

The Result

We realized we could not afford a delay of minutes or an hour. Such an event could cause unpredictable financial and reputational damage to the company’s business, so our engineering teams performed the migration flawlessly, sticking to the schedule. The trust from the client made us realize the huge responsibility we carry not only to him but also to his partners from all over the world. The Datum team executed the migration without any problems, guaranteeing the continuity of operations and providing new business opportunities for the company’s global strategy.

Georgi Tsekov, CEO of Daticum AD

Our customers have been happy to gain numerous benefits from the new high-performance, scalable cloud services provided by Daticum. The company has enlarged its capabilities to deliver superior products to the network of partners and distributors worldwide. In addition, Daticum also provides backup services and DDOS traffic protection. Evidently, the cloud migration to the Daticum platform has opened new opportunities for the gaming operator, enabling scaling and expanding the market presence and satisfying its customers worldwide.